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A&R goes to Oaxaca


A&R goes to Oaxaca

Laura Melendrez

In November, Erika and I went to Oaxaca looking for more artisans to connect with. We knew that Oaxaca is the best place to find embroidery in Mexico, as a result, our expectations were high, the second we saw the handcrafts we realized we were in the right place. Our expectations were not only surpassed by the quality of the handcrafts, but also the willingness and warmest of the artisans. 

Thanks to the invaluable support of Gloria Martinez and Reina Silva, who represent Aripo, a government dependency created with the objective to promote handcrafts in Oaxaca state, we met with 12 artisans from different regions in Oaxaca state. The artisans traveled from their villages and met with us at Aripo´s office, a few of them traveled for more than 12 hours and they were with us representing a group of artisans. The pressure on our side was strong, so we committed with them, and currently we are developing together a few pieces that you will soon have a your disposition. 

Oaxaca turned out to be an incredible place with beautiful landscapes, full with handcrafts on the streets, many museums, and delicious food. The best mole I have ever had.  We want to share a few pictures from our journey.