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A&R´s First Collection


A&R´s First Collection

Laura Melendrez


We can say that we found the rebozo as a source in inspiration for A&R´s first collection, but now I am starting to think that it was the rebozo that found us. This past June, we were desperately looking for a community of artisans near Mexico City, when we stumbled upon a group of artisans in Estado de Mexico. We needed to find a group with two characteristics: strong textile knowledge and aspiration to have a better quality of life. We soon realized they are experts in the rebozo making process.

Also, they live in poverty and are willing to work hard to provide a better future for their children. Since that moment, we are have been working with them. They are A&R´s first handcrafts suppliers. Seventeen people working together as a cooperative, each of them has different roles. For instance, one organizes the threads, another one dyes the threads, most of them are waist-loom weavers, and one is the group leader who sells and promotes their products. 

Recently, I discovered myself saying the word rebozo more than ten times a day, and I realized that rebozo needed to be the name of our first collection. The rebozo is an emblematic Mestizo article in Latin America, and so it is emblematic for Amor & Rosas.