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Why Amor & Rosas?


Why Amor & Rosas?

Laura Melendrez

Our brand name is made up by two basic words in Spanish: Amor & Rosas, which mean “Love & Roses”. We chose this name for a simple reason, our social mission.

Amor & Rosas wants to empower women to be free and confident. Clothing is a basic element associated with women and femininity since ancient times. Women are usually the ones responsible of making and maintaining the clothes of their families clean and in good condition. Also, most women enjoy choosing and wearing beautiful clothes. As a result, clothing to A&R is the object that connects women. From those women making clothes in the developing world to those women wearing the same clothes in the developed world. At the end, they all have the same basic needs to give and receive love, to be happy, and they all deserve to be given opportunities to become a better version of themselves. We symbolized those opportunities with roses. Roses are to us a gift for women to transform their lives, which transcends socioeconomic levels, countries, and cultures.

When a woman in the developed world purchases a garment from A&R, she is extending her arm to a woman in the developing world, who is receiving an opportunity to have a job, which will allow her to have economic independence.