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Transparent Pricing


Transparent Pricing

Laura Melendrez

At Amor & Rosas we know that fast fashion may be cheap to the consumer, but someone, somewhere is paying. This is typically women and children who make mere pennies, and are forced to work overtime in often dangerous conditions. However, we are also aware that premium and luxury companies will charge obscenely high prices for their clothes, which often results in consumers paying for the brand, not the quality. 

This is why we are breaking the industry norm and being transparent with our pricing and costs. As we are committed to our consumers, employees, and our social mission- we want to invite you to understand how, and where our costs come from. 

A traditional retailer will markup over 5x the cost of a garment. At Amor & Rosas, we recognize that our initial costs are typically higher than that of a traditional retailer. This is because we use small scale production to keep our items unique and exclusive, buy high quality fabrics, and pay a significant premium on wages to not only our direct employees but to our artisans and sewers- which is where most of our costs are derived. 

We decided to markup our garments at only 2.9x so that we could continue to treat our people well, whilst also make our clothing more accessible to our consumers; and never sacrificing the beauty or quality of a garment. 

We believe thats fashion made fairly, for all.