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Our products

Our clothing is made in Mexico by women, for women, with love.

We use high quality fabrics, modern designs, and add beautiful touches of hand sewn designs using ancestral techniques from villages across Latin America. Because of this, each piece is distinctly unique, just like our customers. We believe in moral fibers and being as kind to the earth as we can through sustainably sourced textiles and natural dyes. 



We see beauty in wearing clothing that includes authentic embellishments created by indigenous groups in Latin America. We celebrate diversity and strive to preserve cultural heritage. Our creations combine modern design and ancestral techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Our clothing is built to withstand the test of time. We source premium fabrics from Latin America that make our clothing beautiful, comfortable and durable.


Our positive social impact on the environment and women in Latin American gives us purpose. We believe in giving women in developing countries an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.


Creative Team

We design our collections in New York City. We understand fashion trends and the perfect fit for American women. We design our collections using participatory design; we visit villages in Latin America to find the best artisans and work with them to create unique pieces that combine tradition and modern designs.


Raw materials

We work to lower our ecological impact in multiple ways. We have a minimal distance distribution model where sourcing and warehouses are based on proximity. Our collections are made with surplus fabrics and we utilize natural dying techniques for the threads of our embellishments.


Indigenous artisans

We partner with artisans in Latin America. We started partnering with women in the State of Mexico, former Aztec territory. They work to create authentic handmade embellishments, using ancestral textile techniques that were passed to them by their grandparents and parents.  Our artisans also train young women, making the preservation of cultural heritage a profession.


Design studio

We create our clothes in a design studio in Mexico City. We produce in small batches, and the artisan behind the embellishment signs every piece. We pay great attention to detail to produce long lasting clothes.



We believe in experiences; a great product must be delivered with a great experience. Our products are stored in south Texas to assure fast delivery. We want you to feel the fabrics, try on our products, and keep the ones that make you happy. Our products include free ground shipping and returns.


Long lasting clothes

We create quality pieces to withstand the test of time. For care, we recommend not washing them every time you wear them. Instead, hang our clothes to ventilate them, and when necessary use sustainable dry-cleaning.  We also believe in repairing the clothes you love instead of throwing them away. We offer extended free repairs service for every Amor & Rosas´s piece-- you pay for the shipping and we pay for repairs.