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Our Impact 

Our community 

Amor and Rosas partnered with women in the State of Mexico and will expand to other villages in Mexico and Latin America in the future.

Amor and Rosas goal is bring employment opportunities to small indigenous villages, as a result, helping women to increase their quality of life. 

We choose the State of Mexico to start with for 3 reasons: 

  • Strong textile heritage, the area is the former territory of the Aztec Empire.
  • Most populous and densely populated state in Mexico, which means more people to help in a single area. 
  • Proximity to Mexico City, which is key for us to create processes that can later be used to expand to remote areas. 

Women Behind Our Clothes  


Camelia Ramos is native from Tenancingo, State of Mexico. For more than 25 years, she has been organizing and representing 60 women from her village to create scarves made with waist loom. She offers full-time employment opportunities in the community, and opportunities to work at home and receive a payment by piecework. Women in this community balance their lives by generating an income, at the same time, that they are close to their children. For women with most necessity, this employment opportunities make a significant difference, because they can stay in their communities to work instead of moving to the cities to work and be forced to leave behind their children.

When you talk to Camelia you realized that she is a strong women, driven to create a better life for her family and community. Camelia and her husband, Otilio, work together. They complement each other by knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and look for each other advice to make important decisions. As a result, Camelia is a modern woman, empowered, her husband offers to her unconditional support, he is not afraid of being overshadowed which is not common in a country like Mexico.

Camelia grown up in her father´s village, Tenancingo, and when she was old enough decided to move to her mother´s town, Malinalco, a neighbor village. In Malinalco, Camelia got married and formed a family. She noticed that in Malinalco people did not used the waist loom technique, the tradition was disappearing. Camelia´s success is increasing the demand for women who know how to do waist loom. 

Fair Trade Practices

Amor and Rosas commitment with our artisans is reflected in the following practices: 

  • Final products composed by at least 20% fair trade materials
  • Transparent procedures, open flow of information from suppliers to consumers
  • Pay 20% premium over the market price to our fair trade suppliers
  • Comply with environmental standards and prefer sustainable alternatives when possible
  • Detailed labeling of fair trade ingredients and artisans stories