Did you know that hemp has been used in fabric making since 8,000 B.C.?

Hemp fabric has many benefits, that´s why hemp is our favorite material for fabrics. The plant grows very fast, hemp fabric is very durable, and hemp clothing is super comfortable to wear.

When you compare hemp with cotton, hemp requires four times less water, half of the land space, and no pesticides. Also, it helps the soil recover and preserve its nutrients.

Most of the times we prefer using hemp fabric in its natural color, because approximately  20% of the industrial water pollution is caused by fabric dyes. The positive side of using natural hemp is its unique brown color, that goes very well with our colorful embroideries, giving extra personality to our pieces.

In our garments, you can find a broad variety of hemp fabrics with different blends and weaving. Some of our hemp fabrics are 100% hemp, others are mixed with organic cotton, and our favorite one is mixed with silk.

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