Upcycled Fabrics

Made under a circular economy model, this upcycled fabric is one of the most sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry. The upcycled fabric goes beyond “recycling” by utilizing fabric scraps, that otherwise would go to waste, to make a high quality fabric. For every kilogram of upcycled fabric, we save 20,000 liters of water, and prevent 20 kilograms of C02 to enter the atmosphere.

We love our upcycled fabrics because they are:

•Sourced regionally from Guatemala.

•All natural fibers, 100% cotton.

•Already went through the dyeing process.

Dyeing fabrics is the most polluted step in the fashion industry, and this way of recycling fabrics skips this step by leaving the cotton in its natural color and adding fabrics that were indigo dyed in its initial production to give a bluish appearance. You will find these fabrics in our muslin or poplin blouses and in our jeans and denim jackets.

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