Amor & Rosas
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Ethical fashion brand, bringing together modern designs with touches of Mexican handmade embroidery. Our pieces showcase the unique and authentic look of Mexican culture in a modern and trendy way, with high quality as a top priority. 

We operate under a social impact model and a set of environmental sustainability practices, which are key components to our business model.



We strive to give opportunities to capable women across Latin America and preserve Mexican heritage. By partnering with artisans across multiple villages, we are not only supporting their livelihood, we also are reviving ancestral techniques that are near extinction.

As the artisans put their hands and heart into each garment, we find it is important for each piece to be signed. And to clearly specified in our tags from which community the handcrafted compound is coming from. 



We are constantly innovating to reduce our ecological impact. We believe in sustainable sourcing and being kind to the earth. Where we can, we use surplus fabrics, work with ecological fabrics, hemp or up-cycled cotton, and our high quality garments are made to last and be enjoyed for years. 

We named our social and ecological environmental practices, conscious principles. Have fun reading our product descriptions or exterior garment tags where you will identify under which conscious principles our beloved ethical clothing was made. 



The co-founders of Amor & Rosas, Debra & Laura, met while doing their masters at Yale University and bonded over a shared love for social entrepreneurship. Amor & Rosas won a prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship which included building an impressive board of advisors, funding, pro-bono legal, and a supportive community. The ladies work across borders with an office in Mexico City and Seattle, in order to bring authentic, modern clothing to the American market. 

The people behind our clothing

Our social mission is the reason why Amor & Rosas exists.

Today we work with 98 artisans in 8 different villages in Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the State of Mexico. Each of them expert in different embroideries and fabric looming techniques.

We work closely with them using participatory design, where they add they expertise and we add our fashion design knowledge to create unique collaborative pieces. 

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María del Carmen 

She leaders a group of 10 people, mostly composed by her direct relatives in Hidalgo, Mexico. 

  • Ethnicity: Otomi
  • Technique: Otomi embroidery
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He works mainly with his wife and 4 other people in Chiapas, Mexico. 

  • Ethnicity: Tzotzil Maya 
  • Technique: Zincantan embroidery


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She coordinates a group of 16 people in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

  • Ethnicity: Mazateca 
  • Technique: Relleno embroidery 

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Angélica María 

Angélica works with a group of 35 people in Chiapas, Mexico.

    • Ethnicity: Tzotzil Maya 
    • Technique: Elevado embroidery and french embroidery 


    Amalia leads a group of 5 people composed by her sisters and cousins in Chiapas, Mexico.

    • Ethnicity: Tzotzil Maya 
    • Technique: Elevado embroidery 


    Nidia works with 3 people in the State of Mexico.

    • Ethnicity: Mazahua 
    • Technique: Hand painting

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    Pedro coordinates a group of 5 people in Chiapas, Mexico. 

    • Ethnicity: Tzotzil Maya 
    • Technique: Cross-stich embroidery
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    Saul has a rebozo workshop where 9 people work in State of Mexico. 

    • Ethnicity: Mazahua
    • Technique: Pedal loomed fabric